Mission and Goals



Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire, instruct and ignite players to develop next level baseball skills and teach valuable life lessons within a team environment.


The goal of this program is to prepare and develop our athletes for a higher level of play, while not losing focus on the fact that baseball is a fun game! Through professional and college instruction in our state-of-the-art facility, our players play for their teammates and develop next level skill sets.

The program strengthens the player's skills through a holistic developmental program. It focuses on creating a cohesive and long-lasting bond between players, parents and coaches. The coaches in the program not only want your son to succeed in baseball, but also succeed in life.

The Proehlfic Power Baseball Program…. A game changer in Travel & Showcase Baseball.

ACADEMICS, FAMILY & HEALTH: We believe to reach your full potential you need to put focus not only on the game but outside of the field too.
MENTAL GAME: Successful Mental Peak Performance Development & Proven  Approaches to the Game
PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT: Baseball Performance Training & Workout Sessions to Become Stronger, Faster, Increase Flexibility & Mobility 
SKILL SETS: Hitting, Pitching, Thowing, Catching, Fielding, Base Running, In Game Knowledge
NUTRITION: Fueling & Hydrating Your Body: Pre, During & After Games, Practices, and Training Sessions
PASSION: We Inspire, Instruct and Ignite Players to Develop Next Level Baseball Skills

Located at : Proehlific Park Baseball Complex - 4517 Jessup Grove Road - Greensboro, NC 27410 - call : Ken Carlyle 336.549.4827 or Josh Hilton 336.215.9576