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Our core values are an important part of teaching positive life lessons with our student athletes. While we are passionate in developing our student athletes' skill sets in the great game of baseball, our overall goal is to help develop our athletes in both life and the great game of baseball.

What People are saying about Proehlific Power Baseball

Coach, Thank you very much. We are very proud of Nick's development and performance this season as well. We owe a thank you to you Coach and Proehlific for that too. Katrina and I were just talking about how we wish we had the opportunity to work with You earlier in Nick's career. Your instruction and belief in him have really helped him elevate himself.  I'm very thankful we were able to join when we did and greatly appreciate all you do for Nick and all the players!  As I watch players from other organizations at these tournaments, I've observed a lot. There are a lot of good ball players out there that play for some good programs. However, I have not seen any where near the level of instruction, caring or camaraderie that touches what you and the others provide at Proehlific Power Showcase Baseball - Joe, August 2017

Proud of these boys finishing runner up at the Ripken Tournament playing some of the top teams in the Southeast. Memories with great families! Love this team and love our coach - Janet, May 2017

Congratulations Proehlific Power for a great weekend of baseball in the Ripken Myrtle Beach Madness Tournament! Runners up in the championship . It was a tough loss, losing by one in an extra inning. Thank you coach for providing the experience and for your hard work and belief in these boys - Leslie, May 2017

This has by far been the best program that my son has done! We love the combination of fitness, agility and baseball training. We have an incredible coach, who has the perfect balance of leadership, encouragement and the ability to challenge each player. We highly recommend this program - Carol, May 2017

Hey Coach! Thanks for being so awesome and such a positive coach/mentor for D!! Meant a lot to me today that you shared your thoughts with him. He was really thinking about it on the way home and talking a bit about it. He's not in his happy place and says he misses being at Proehlific every day where he's getting better and growing. hope you all have a blessed Easter! We will see you soon!!! - Amy, April 2017

Thanks for all you do with him, Coach. He looks forward to his workouts with you and as a great coach and mentor - Chad, February 2017

First of all, thanks so much for everything you are doing for Eli.  Whatever progress we make along the way is owed to you!   And I can definitely tell from the schedule you sent me that you are helping me out and working around the times we have available.  I really appreciate it! - Danielle, November 2015

Located at : Proehlific Park Baseball Complex - 4517 Jessup Grove Road - Greensboro, NC 27410 - call : Ken Carlyle 336.549.4827 or Josh Hilton 336.215.9576