Proehlific Park - Core Values

P.O.W.E.R. represents the Park’s core values:

The belief that Play, defined as spontaneous activity of children, is a vital part of a fulfilling life for adults and children alike.

At Proehlific Park, every individual has the opportunity to advance in body, mind and spirit through play, sport or service by recognizing, embracing and creating opportunity for oneself and others in our community.

Deeply ingrained in the Proehl family and imparted to Proehlific Park coaches, staff and members, is the work ethic that drives individuals to persevere and overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

Throughout Proehlific Park, you will find individuals applying the values of discipline in order to excel and attain a superior level of performance in one’s life and in the community to serve others.

At the very core of all that Proehlific Park symbolizes and executes is the value of respect, which is embodied in staff and members by demonstrating humility in victory and defeat, coaching and mentoring, and self-improvement through health and fitness.

Located at : Proehlific Park Baseball Complex - 4517 Jessup Grove Road - Greensboro, NC 27410 - call : Ken Carlyle 336.549.4827 or Josh Hilton 336.215.9576