Coach Danny,
Cari & I wanted to reach out and thank you for everything this spring season. As you know this was our first season with the PP program, and it was a great experience for Ben.  We are very thankful that you were tabbed as the coach of this team - I'm sure it was a huge challenge at times but we definitely think you were the right person for the job.

Your positive attitude, insight, patience, teaching, and overall
demeanor is exactly what we were hoping for when we signed Ben up. Ben loves having you as his coach - and although he may not outwardly show it, he responds well to your leadership. We like how the private lessons are a part of the program - we've seen from his tennis that the individual attention can make him a better team player.
Hi Coach, Great weekend. Thanks for what you do. You're doing a great job!! They deserve a great coach like you.

He's really enjoying the great instruction you guys are giving him at Proehlific.

- Rod

Thank you Coach. Anytime. Alex really enjoyed playing with your guys. Thanks for being such a great role model!!

Hello coach, hope your week is going well. I just wanted to see if you had any availability to get Davis in for another lesson next week. We really appreciate the great job you are doing. It has really boosted his confidence. My husband also commented on how well you interact with him. Again, thanks for everything.

- Heather


After practice, our conversation went like this:

Mom: Are you having fun?
Player: How could I NOT be??
Mom: So, it is better than rec?
Player: SERIOUSLY??? It is SO MUCH better!
Mom: Because they are actually teaching you?
Player: YES and they care about more than just winning! Plus, now I am on an actual team that works together and they are all my friends!!

THIS is why you do what you do. I have not seen him this excited about anything in a very long time. Thank you to all of you for bringing joy back to my child. It has already been worth every dime.

- Mary

Great job Coach! You are truly amazing with our boys and I thank God he has you for a coach!
- Greg 

Tony and Brian,

You both did a great job with the boys this past weekend. That's a culmination of hard work by the coaches and players. That was the best I've ever seen these boys play. Now they are getting some swagger. Excellent job.

Thank you for working with them. It's a pleasure watching them mature and progress. And for helping Thomas with his temperament on the mound. Later,

-  Thomas


I hope your realize how grateful we are to you. The impact you have had on these young men has and is amazing!!!!!

- Jo

You have helped this team so much!

These guys are playing so much better and your instruction, encouragement expectations and persistence is paying off. Thank you.

- David

Thanks, after your winter program I think he is as prepared as he can possibly be for high school tryouts and the season.

- Andy

Hey Coach ….. its Drew. Wanted to let you know I made the high school JV team as freshman. Thank you for preparing me for this step in baseball. I'm super excited!!!

- Drew

 Congratulations to you and the coaching staff on the two great wins this past weekend! It was a ton of fun watching the boys grow together as a team and I wanted to send you a note thanking you for creating such a positive atmosphere for playing baseball. Your calm encouragement and thoughtful guidance really helped the team play hard and reach their potential.
We appreciate all that you do (intentionally and unintentionally) to foster the love of baseball for Sam.
- Brian

Coach, He came home very excited about it!!  Thanks for all you do for him. He is really loving baseball. :)))

- Tiffany

Thank you so much for great coaching this weekend! This is exactly what our boys needed!
- Emily

Coach just want to let you know good job yesterday that was awesome winning the championship.

- Josh

Thank you for all of your encouragement, coaching and friendship! It puts a smile in my heart to see  this team so happy.

- Dana

Thanks so much for giving Jack a great lesson!!!  Came home very excited last night!

Thanks for putting the winter program together…impressive.!! These kids will have a big head start on spring.

- Wes

Thanks for what you do for these kids! You do a great job and I know Drew really looks up to you.
- Andrew

** From 1 parent to another parent **

I wanted to take a minute and share my thoughts on the situation and I want to say this primarily from a parent’s perspective and not a coach’s.

We (as a family) started looking for a situation for Josh to play baseball last year after the spring season at the “Y” - he had expressed a desire to play at a higher level and we wanted to find a positive situation that he could improve his game and grow as a person.  We (as you are doing now) starting looking at options and I even attempted to start our own team, which we were never able to do based upon trying to find enough committed players.

So, along comes August and an opportunity to try out for the Power 11U team.  We met Tony and got to know them, got to experience the pieces that the program provides and got to “experience” tournaments this past fall and instantly felt comfortable.  During the fall, I purposely stayed to the side and really watched the overall process – watched the Coaches, PSP, individual lessons, etc..  I really wanted to let the experience show us whether or not it was right for what we (as a family) were looking for.

Also, after the tournament season completed – Josh and I have had a chance to really get to spend some time with the coaches (hitting lessons).  They truly have extensive technical knowledge of the game but one area that he excels in is communicating/teaching this technical knowledge and motivating people/players.  Needless to say, we are satisfied that we have found a good, positive situation that Josh has truly enjoyed.

Hope you all join the Program!!

Very proud of both boys!  Thank you Coach for all your help, commitment, and dedication to our boys. They have learned a lot from you.

- Shannon

Tony and Brian

Congrats on your weekend. You both do an excellent job teaching them  baseball and life lessons.  Thomas has learned alot from you two and I thank you for how much you care about our children.

I truly appreciate and believe in the winter program. I know my Son Drew is more prepared to move forward into the high school baseball program thanks to all the dedicated people at Power Baseball. Thanks so much. Looking forward to the next phase of the Showcase Season.

- Patti

Hey Coach,

Just wanted to thank you for the batting lesson tonight with Stephen. It seemed to light a spark for him. Steve said you were really positive with him and really made him feel better.  He has seemed a bit uptight lately. It's like he has felt the pressure to succeed and when he doesn't get a great at bat, it crushes him and he feels like he has failed the team. As you know, Stephen responds so much better with positive reinforcement, and you have always been there for him with that and I can't thank you enough. He has been down lately and I think I saw that old spark again tonight and I love it! Thanks again for all the lessons you teach my child, and I don't mean just the baseball.

Let's kick some butt tomorrow!!!

Go Power!!!

- Mandy

Cadyn is having a GREAT time! He is very excited on practice days and we are very impressed with the program. Ryan and I are extremely happy that we looked into Power Baseball for Cadyn.


- Sarah Ann

Can't Remember if I told you this... I'm old. You get a ton of compliments from Alex's old team on how well you manage the team, teach the kids without yelling and have just a great attitude. Don't be surprised if we get a kid or two wanting to try out this year from them.
- Bill

Thanks for this. Excellent article. I know my boys will enjoy reading it. By the way, you are the first coach for my boys who has ever sent something for them to read--outstanding!!! Thank you!!!

- David

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